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The Forum AND Things

3rd August 2009, 16:25 by twizzlers

This is the spot where all of your answers are (that is if you have any questions...) and if your answer is not here you can post your question on/in the Bulletin Board. Very Happy

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15th October 2009, 18:25 by twizzlers

hey guys I know you don't get on here that often but please try and tell people about the site if you know they love the books to okay. We need people to join the site and help it grow cuz its awesome!!

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Modern Faerie Tales - Holly Black

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Modern Faerie Tales - Holly Black

Post by Thrash Unreal on 21st March 2010, 10:21

The books are called Tithe, Valiant and Ironside.
They're really good books, I think.
And this is just a little fun fact, but Holly Black is actually really good friends with Cassandra Clare.

Anyway, I love these books. My favorite is the first and third ones. Valiant was good, but I didn't like Val as much as I liked Kaye. And Ravus wasn't as badass as Roiben is.

So, anyway, this is a thread to discuss. All opinions welcome Smile
Thrash Unreal
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Re: Modern Faerie Tales - Holly Black

Post by twizzlers on 29th March 2010, 23:55

Yea these books were totally awesome, but i didn't like how....(ant remeber the girls name...) the one who hung out with Lolly in the underground tunnels, i didnt like how she cut off her hair, although it added to how awesome her character was. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black are amazing writers so I'm not surprised they are friends even though I knew they were already. My least favorite was Tithe for some reason, cuz after I read the other two it seemes such a silly beginning but I loved how they all tied together in the end.

(wow that was a lot of stuff...sorry bout that -smiles-)

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