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This is the spot where all of your answers are (that is if you have any questions...) and if your answer is not here you can post your question on/in the Bulletin Board. Very Happy

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hey guys I know you don't get on here that often but please try and tell people about the site if you know they love the books to okay. We need people to join the site and help it grow cuz its awesome!!

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Reincarnation: A Mortal Instruments One-shot

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Reincarnation: A Mortal Instruments One-shot

Post by Thrash Unreal on 22nd September 2009, 17:14

A/N: This is a Mortal Instruments Fanfic taking place a hundred years after the trilogy, featuring Simon, and a few original characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own Simon, but I do own the other two characters.But I don't even own their names haha. I stole them.

Simon sees the red-haired shadowhunter and thinks instantly of Clary. He knows that it isn’t, though. Clary and Jace had gotten married, had children and died long ago. But he felt like he’d been there only yesterday, lying on his bed, an ordinary human, with Clary sitting beside him as they watched a movie and the only worries being what to name his band and forgetting his homework.

And things were so different now as he watches the girl from afar, as she and her fellow shadowhunter, who knows, maybe it was her sibling, kill a demon. At first he figures they’re shadowhunters and that they don’t need any help. Especially not from him, a downworlder, a vampire.

But then she and her companion are facing two more demons. And he sees one of them is a major demon. The girl turns around, checking what’s behind her, and Simon sees she looks so uncannily like Clary he almost calls out the name.

He finds himself foolishly running to both the girl and her companion with his fangs bared.

He attacks one of the more corporeal demons and sinks his fangs into it. He tries to ignore the horrible taste of the demon blood in his mouth, but it is one of those awful tastes that you found still stuck in your mouth hours later.

He forced himself to drink all of it then quickly jumped off of the demon before it disappeared as all demons do when they die. They go back into their own dimension.

His helping had given the girl and her partner time to finish off the other two. Simon turns to face her, and his mind is filled with Clary. “Thank-you,” the girl said quietly. “There’s no way we couldn’t taken three demons at a time.” She gives him a grateful Smile, and Simon feels like that if his heart were still beating, it’d have skipped a beat. Well, technically, it was skipping a lot of beats. All of them, to be exact.

“You’re welcome.” The other shadowhunter, a black-haired boy makes an annoyed sound in the back of his throat. The girl turns to him with an angry look on her face.

“Maxwell, he just saved our lives, you could show a little gratitude.” She snaps. Max is a flinches a little. He knows from experience that his sister only called him by his full name, Maxwell when she was mad at him. And that never seems to be a pleasant thing for him.

“But it’s a downworlder,” he scoffs. He hates downworlders and refuses to associate with them. “Filthy vampires,” He says, and then receives a slap. “Ok, ok, Sorry!” He says, but obviously not meaning it.

She turns back to the vampire. “Ignore my brother. He’s rude to almost everybody. What’s your name, anyway?” She asks.

“I’m Simon,” He replies. “As my fangs probably gave away, I’m a vampire.” He looks down. Daylighter, actually. He knew he was able to come out during the day.

“By the Angel,” the girl whispers, “The Simon from stories? The daylighter? The one who helped bring down Valtentine?” Her eyes are wide.

Simon smiles and nods. “You look so much like Clary...” He says, mostly to himself.

“That may be because she was my great-grandmother.” She says. And then she realizes she hadn’t introduced herself. “I’m Isabelle, by the way. It’s kind of an embarrassing name, if you ask me.”

Simon smiles, “At least you don’t share a name with an American Idol judge.” Then he realizes that was over a century ago and she probably has no idea what he just said.

“What’s that?” Isabelle asks.

“Never mind,” He laughs. She made him feel old, and wonders how Magnus Bane must feel, considering he was currently a thousand and three years old. But then again, he’s probably applying another coat of glitter in preparation for whatever party he was about to throw.

Simon turns to leave. He doesn’t want to become attached to Isabelle. Or, Like with Clary, he’d end up heartbroken all over again.

“You don’t have to go, you know.” She says. “I have time. Maybe we could talk.” Isabelle can feel herself falling for the vampire before her.

“Well I’m leaving.” Max says, irritably as he heads back to the institute.

“If that’s supposed to make me feel horrible, it’s not working.” His sister replies.

“You should go with him,” Simon says, looking away. “What good will it do to waste your time talking to a downworlder?”

“If the downworlder is nice, I don’t care.” Isabelle says, not moving.

I probably shouldn’t stay and be near you though.” Simon doesn’t want this to turn out like it did with Cary. “You have a regular shadowhunter life to look forward to.” His eyes are still on the ground. He doesn’t think looking into the reincarnated face of the girl he’d loved and lost would help him any.

“Come on. Lighten up, vampire.” Isabelle says, with a small smile playing the corners of her mouth. Just like Clary used to. Simon thinks. And he knows that he’s falling for the shadowhunter girl before him.

“Well, might as well since you’re not giving me a choice.” He realizes how close he is standing to her. And as if moving in slow motion, she leans in and touches her lips softly to his, and then she pulls back.

“I’m not Clary, just so you know. There’s not going to be a ‘Jace.’” She says and Simon finds himself believing her.

“But I’m still immortal. You’ll age, and probably get married to some guy and live out a normal life. I guess that’s why it’s called normal. Since it happens to almost everyone.”

“You honestly think I’m normal?” She laughed. “My brother is ‘normal.’ If I even know for sure what it is. I’m... Not.”

“I’d disagree but I’ve known you all of twenty minutes and for all I know I’d be wrong.” He said. And just by looking at her he can tell she is different.

“You would be.” She says, stubbornly. “Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be a vampire, too.” She smiles.

“Maybe some day. But for today let’s just enjoy the present.” He smiles back and knows that after a hundred years, he’s finally found the right person.
Thrash Unreal
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Re: Reincarnation: A Mortal Instruments One-shot

Post by Ukara on 31st December 2009, 20:31

omg thats so cute!!! oh and i hate the brother!!! lol reminds me of jace
Meeting shadowhunters for the first time

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Re: Reincarnation: A Mortal Instruments One-shot

Post by twizzlers on 23rd January 2010, 18:13

aw this story was so cute!! but isnt it kind of weird that simons about to be with clary's great grandaughter... idk maybe its just me.... yea the brother's a jerk but you need hated characters ina story... i loved it

will you write more?

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Re: Reincarnation: A Mortal Instruments One-shot

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